How to protect your computer from criminals

Jeff Hershberg defence lawyer advices how to protect yourself from thefts or loss of your computer. If the computer falls into the hands of thieves, all the data will be compromised. Keeping computers out of the wrong hands is a critical part of data security.

Loss of data that you haven’t backed up.

    Thieves can gain an access to private information and files.

    Laptops can fall down or be damaged.

    Fire, flood or accidental damage.

Keep computers locked. What does this mean?

   Keep doors and windows locked. Make sure the locks on the doors are safe.

    Do not leave a spare key somewhere in the yard.

    Record the serial number of the computer.

    Consult with your insurance company for further advice on security.

    Keep private documents safe, such as passport.

    Consider using a cable lock to the computer, so it will be harder to steal it.

    Consider using a security alarm.

    Be careful who you invite in your home.

Take special care with laptops

    Make backup copies of your data.

    Get a safety lock and use it if you leave your laptop unattended.

    Set a password which you will need to enter when starting the operating system. Most laptops offer the possibility to set password so that unauthorized users will not be able to start the computer. See the instruction manuals supplied with the computer for more information.

    Use encryption for safety reasons.

    Be careful what kind of data you put in your laptop.

    Buy laptop bags with a soft coating. Many laptops are damaged from falling.

    Avoid bags that look like laptop bags, for example a bag with the logo of the laptop company on it.

    When not supervised keep it hidden or locked physically. When you are flying in an airplane carry your laptop in hand luggage. Do not leave it in hotel rooms.

    Search engines usually allow you to save passwords to websites to not enter it during each visit. Do not do this on laptops, enter the password every time it is needed.

    Never leave the laptop on the seat of the car, even if you are in it.Especially laptops, take additional steps to make sure that sensitive data that access to the Internet, such as the pages for Internet banking and payment services are kept hidden. Many Internet browsers today provide “Private Browsing” opportunities. When this option is enabled, your browser does not limit the amount of personal information saved on your computer. This creates difficulty for thieves and cyber criminals to find your personal details. The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera have this option available.

    If you use a laptop outside your home or workplace, for example on holiday, consider using technology built into many laptops, which enables the user to create “digital key” and preserve the USB-memory or memory card. After creation, the user must join the “digital key” to gain access to the laptop. Check the manual which came with your computer for more information.

Driving and alcohol – a deadly combination

Just one cup of liquor increases the possibility for a driver to be a participant in a fatal accident.RGZ DUI Lawyer is here to help you with your needs.

Do not fool yourself because only one shot of liquor is enough to seriously affect your driving skills and increase the chances to cause a fatal accident.

It is estimated that one cup of beer or liquor, liqueur or whiskey, increases the content of alcohol in the blood to the extent that the impact of increasing the risk of causing a fatal accident is huge.
However, alcohol in the blood is not the only factor affecting the traffic safety. Other factors are also present and they significantly raise the risk of death only after drinking one or two alcoholic drinks, even if the content of alcohol in the blood is at a legally acceptable limit.

Another dangerous factors are alcohol coupled with lack of sleep or usage of certain medications.

Alcohol and lack of sleep

Numerous studies show that people who do not sleep enough, feel much worse than driving for 2 hours after they drank two to three alcoholic drinks. These people overestimate their abilities and put their own life but also the lives of other innocent people in danger.

It is known that many people, especially young people, because of the life they lead, evening outings and parties, create preconditions for road accidents and human tragedies, deaths, injuries and disabilities.

Lack of sleep is a factor of an accident, but if combined with alcohol the riskincreases. Even with a slight lack of sleep, along with a little alcohol the risk of accidentsignificantly increases.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol has a reaction when in combination with certain tranquilizers, some pain medications or antihistamines. This combination makes the driver sleepy even after drinking 1-2 alcoholic drinks which dramatically increases the risk of accident.

Alcohol reduces the willingness of the nervous system, reduces the speed of reaction, because it also reduces reflexes that affect the possibility of judgment and slows down decision-making.

In a complex process such as driving a car, where it takes a knowledge and a lot of skills and where it is necessary to decide very quickly, one alcoholic drink itself or in combination with lack of sleep or certain drugs can prevent the driver of having a clear view of the road ahead, to monitor the movement of other vehicles, pay attention to pedestrians, to properly determine the speed at which it moves and be able to park properly.

Do not sit in a car with someone who consumed alcohol before. Better call a taxi to drive you than someone who is under the influence of alcohol.

If you are having a party at your home offer the guests non-alcoholic drinks and remind them that even one alcoholic drink can be dangerous for their safety while driving. Make sure you care about your safety and the safety of other people.