6 Pro Tips to Write Optimized Articles

SEO blog-posts and articles are integral part of online marketing strategy for local and non-local businesses alike. Regardless of the number of post per week and their standard word-count, all articles must be written with a focus to drive traffic to your website. With fresh posts updated regularly, you have an easy way to introduce your brand to prospect customers.

Obviously, no one will come and read just anything that you throw on your blog. Your SEO consultant Toronto is aware that customers will come when you have the right content.

What’s the right content? Following tips will help you find answer to this question.

  1. Search Appropriate Keywords

First thing to consider before writing an article should be, make sure Google notices your content. To do that, you have to come up with common search terms used by people in searching products related to your niche. Create a worksheet in which you can keep track of all the keywords searched and used, and frequency of each of them used on your blog. Plus, make use of proper tools to monitor your ranking for targeted keywords. Take a look at these guidelines for searching SEO keywords.

  1. Utilize Your Keywords Tactfully

It’s good to use keywords around 3% in an article, but your work is not over yet. There are other places where primary keywords may be used. For instance, blog or article title, introduction (within first two sentences) and the final sentence should have primary keywords. In this way, readers searching for targeted keywords will find your article relevant (by reading descriptions below the main title on Search Engines) and you’ll get more click-throughs.

  1. What Should You Write?

This is what bloggers and content writers are after – the content that people show interest in. But it doesn’t mean a book seller should brag about apparel and footwear.

Share expert tips, suggestions, pros and cons of your niche, your speculations, news and reviews, success stories, case studies, interviews, anything that seems valuable from customers’ point of view.

You need to generate content regularly and should have information about the type of most popular content related to your niche. It is only possible when you conduct regular searches with the help of targeted keywords. See how deep you can go into the topic using the list of keywords.

You can quote industry leaders and their expertise and they’ll surely return a favor by sharing your content on their social channels.

  1. Know Your Niche’s Standard Word-Count

Quite frankly, there’s no standard word-count, but trends and researches show that local businesses with limited blog space on their websites often share posts between 400 and 500 words. However, search engines prefer posts with in-depth research and latest stats. That’s why, top posts on Google often consists of 1500 – 2000 word articles.

But continuity is more important than word-count. So, if you have only 100 words to share, don’t hesitate to post them. You’ll have opportunities to share larger content later.

  1. Self-Edit Your Articles

Self-editing separates an SEO article writer from others. To help you correct spellings and grammar, tools like Google Docs, OpenOffice and MS Word are quite popular. Your part is to edit and format your article by maintaining word volume in all paragraphs, and adding relevant graphics and diagrams wherever necessary.

  1. Increase PR

By now, the work is only half-done. Here are some quick ways to market your posts.

  • Install free PR tools for WordPress blogs, such as Shareaholic and Yoast.
  • Get authoritative links to your content by mentioning link to your post in the comment section of other popular blogs.
  • Submit your articles to public forums such as StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg.
  • Add the link to your tweet and also, share it on Facebook


If you haven’t published a blog-post before, this post will definitely have removed most of your concerns. You will struggle at the beginning, but soon you’ll create your own ways to write SEO friendly articles.

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