Maintaining Your Heat Exchanger to Extend Its Life

Do you realize that if you would just take the time to check your fireplace heat exchanger, you can prolong its life? Your fireplace is very important especially in the winter time. Without it, there will not be any cozy spots in your home wherein you just want to stay and relax for a certain period of time. You also have to admit that the fireplace can always change your home’s overall appearance. It can make any home look more cozy and appealing.

The heat exchangers that you have at home is not only limited to your fireplace. You have it in all of your other electronics too but you are not aware that it is there. For example, do you realize that your air conditioning unit does not only have one but normally two heat exchangers? This is to ensure that it will work in your room whether you would like to heat it up or cool it down. Your refrigerator and your freezer also make use of exchangers. Without it, these items will not work properly. Just remember that even though these appliances make use of exchangers, their efficiency rates are always different. It would depend on the model and brand of the item that you have.

Let us focus more on your fireplace. You know that a lot of times, the fireplace may not be too effective. In fact, you may be interested in creating your own homemade exchanger so that you can make it work the way that it should. It can be a bit complicated to do this but you can make use of some old materials as long as they would not release fumes that will cause you to die from poisoning.

If you already have an effective exchanger in your fireplace however, all that you have to do is make sure that it works well for you. It can be complicated if you do not have proper knowledge but you can always make use of a fireback. This is something you can place behind the fire that you usually create. This can be made out of a heavy sheet of metal. There are times when your fireplace will work even without this but it will not work as well as you would. The harder the fireplace would work in order to produce heat, the shorter its lifespan is going to be.

There is a reason why you have fireplace doors and that is to ensure that the cold air will not go straight into your home when you are not using your fireplace. Do yourself a favor and use quality materials that will make your fireplace more efficient. Are you having trouble looking for parts? Perhaps you know that it is your exchanger that needs replacing. Double check aicheatexchangers. For sure, you will not be disappointed with the things that they can offer.

It is not only your fireplace heat exchanger that you should take good care of and maintain. All of your equipment like your furnace heat exhanger would always need to undergo routine checkup if you want to make sure that they will always be in top condition.

How a professional servo repair company works?

Servo is one of the prime brands in the world and it requires the hand of a professional to deal with any kind of services or repairs. There are many servo motor repair companies but there is a distinction between the professional ones and those that are established to earn some money. One could identify a professional repair company by understanding their inspection process and how they go about things afterwards.

  • Taking notes – Unprofessional companies do not care about taking notes and they go on with the dissembling process. But any professional Servo Repair Company would take notes and write some key factors such as the name of the manufacturer, serial number of the product, service specifications, time of delivery, type of inspection, etc. Taking own notes would help to understand the status of the service and how to handle it in the best possible way.
  • Checking – The Servo motors are complicated and have to be thoroughly checked, without which it becomes difficult to comprehend the problem. There are three major areas to look at to determine the condition of the servo motor. The professional servo motor repair company will look at these major areas – the shaft, the encoder, motor cables, bearings, etc. If there are any issues, the professional will take down notes and will move on further to inspect other things as well.
  • Motor Testing – It is the most essential step in dealing with the Servo motor. The test is used to determine the presence of shorts in the motor. A meter detecting shorts is used to find out about any issues. If there is the presence of a short, then it can be due to overheating, wear and tear or contamination. The motor is dissembled to check for the problem and shorts are taken care of by the servo motor repair companies.
  • Motor rotation – After clearing out all the issues through the process mentioned above, the professional will then look after the rotation of the motor. For this, voltage is passed to the winding beginning at zero volts and the voltage is increased till the shaft starts to run. The professional will check for unwanted vibration, wobbly movement of the shaft. Bad bearings, bent shafts and any other minor repairs are taken care of before moving on to the next section.
  • Connecting with the customer – After the initial checkup the professional will call the customer to know about the motor failure or any expected services. If the customer gives out a cause of failure, then the professional from the servo motor repair company will immediately look into the matter. Sometimes, the problem might have occurred due to external conditions like weather, change of application outside, accidentally altering the configuration, etc. In rare cases, the problem with the motor would be severe and requires a lot of care from the professionals.
  • Dissembling – Every piece is marked before detaching the motor and the process is carefully done so that nothing could go wrong while reassembling the motor.

The factors mentioned above are done with precision and care so the servo motor runs better than it has before it entered the repair company. Therefore, while selecting a company of repair for servo motors it is best to select professionals.