How the halal certification company works?

Typically halal food providers would approach the halal certification companies in Canada to get the services certified. This is to ensure that their customers build ample trust in the store and feel safe to shop the halal food. When it comes to getting the certification, the professional services are known to offer good guidance. The process might appear to be relatively simple however the documentation and inspection can be tiring. Hence, you approach the certification company to make the task easier.

Here are 3 stages in which the halal certification company can help you in getting the certification:

The professional certification services keep the approach simple so that the process is handled efficiently. At the end of the procedure, you will obtain your halal certification quickly.

Stage 1: Assessment:

You can approach any of the halal certification agencies through their website. There you will find an application form for getting your services certified. You will have to fill in the details that are asked in the form. This is necessary so that the certification company learns about your company and services. Also, you might have specific conditions while serving the halal food. It is the job of the certification company to understand your specific needs and help you with the procedure accordingly.

Stage 2: Examination

Once the halal certification agency receives your application form, they will evaluate and contact you for a follow-up. Usually, the process to evaluate the form takes one working day. You will be contacted by one of the executives from the certification agency. If you have any query regarding the procedure, you can get it sorted with the executive. The next step is to decide on a day for an onsite assessment. You can pick any day as per your convenience to make sure the certification agency does not fit it substandard.

Stage 3: Certification

This is the most crucial step as they would verify if the information that you supplied about your practice is true and valid. Also, if the certification needs any information to support for certification will be verified. Post verification, you will have to pay the fee to the halal certification service. Within few days, the certification company will deliver your certificate to your place. The certification agency values time and makes sure that they help you with the certification at the earliest.

You can come from any background in the food industry. Be it meat packing or nutritional foods, the certification is of prime importance. It ensures that you follow the standards that are set by the Islamic law for halal food. More importantly, it is extremely helpful in developing trust amongst your buyers. The halal certification company helps you understand the compliance pertaining to the Muslim law for halal food. Even if you do not belong to the background, you can choose to be a supplier of halal food if you care to follow the guidelines. The certification will simply assure that you understand the food law and follow it rigorously.

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