Learn about Tension setting, pave setting and halo setting engagement

Engagement ring is the promise for togetherness and eternal love. Best engagement rings can add sparkle to your life. Engagement ring stores in Toronto have the latest, classy and finest collection of engagement rings with different types of stones, patterns and settings.

Tension setting engagement ring:

In this type of setting, pressure is used to keep the stone or diamond in place. Tension settings cannot be resized easily; hence this type of setting is designed based on the requirement of the customer. In this type of setting the diamond or stone appears to be suspended. The cost is less. This type of setting uses prong or bezel settings to hold the stones or diamonds securely. Visit Serli & Siroan Ring Store to explore options available.

Advantages of tension mount:

  • Hold the stones or diamonds firmly.
  • Enhances the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds because of the minimal metal around the diamonds.
  • It provides a modern and contemporary look
  • This type of setting requires less maintenance

Disadvantages of tension mount:

  • It is difficult and expensive to resize the ring with tension settings
  • Because of the pressure caused by external force, there are chances of stone falling out of the settings.

Pave setting / bead mount engagement ring:

In this type of setting, many stones or diamonds are used. They are attached to the metal surface. The metal looks like being covered or paved by diamonds or other stones. Pave setting rings come with a reasonable price, because the stones used in this settings are small.  Tiny prongs are used to hold the stones. Pave setting provide sparkle and brilliance to the stone used. Engagement ring stores in Toronto have the awesome collections of pave setting rings.

Advantages of pave mount:

  • The stone used at the centre is highlighted
  • Side stones adds brilliance to the ring
  • Prongs used are small; they are very safe and don’t break easily.

Disadvantages of pave mount:

  • Resizing is difficult as small stones are used around the metal band.
  • Hitting or bumping on the ring can cause damage.
  • Maintenance is difficult as there are chances of dust and dirt clinging between the stones

Halo setting engagement ring:

In halo setting the centre stone or diamond is surrounded by small stones in a circular manner or as a square. Overall brilliance of the ring is increases. You can increase the number of halos depending on your taste. The number of halos can be 2 or 3. The centre stone can be of any shape like square, pear, round, princess cut or cushion cut.

Advantages of halo mount:

  • The number of halos adds to the brilliance and sparkle.

Disadvantages of halo mount:

  • If many stones are used at the sides, then it is difficult to resize.

 Selecting the right jeweler like the one you find in Toronto’s engagement ring stores will make the selection process easier. They can guide you in selecting the best ring. Moreover, you can complete your shopping in reasonable comfort without facing shopping hassles like parking, shop-hopping, etc.

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