Must have qualities for patent agents in Canada

If your business depends on your intellectual property then you will have to make sure it is the best. It should b well planned and well thought for so that you can get good returns out of it. Try looking out for someone who can help you in this well. Choose someone who has been into the industry long and has also been successful in filing a couple of patents or trademarks on their own. This can either be in their name or then for some individuals or companies. Looking out for reliable agents like that of the Wilson patent agent can always be of good help to you.

Mentioned are some qualities which you should look for in the Canada patent agent that you wish to have on board to register your intellectual property.

1.)    Success rate:

 Check how experienced the patent is and how many such properties have they already issued in their work span. In short, it is important for you to take a look at their success rate. Know always that getting a patent issued will never be easy for anyone especially if you do have an agent by your side. There will be some unforeseen obstacles which can just be avoided if you have access to the best agents who know it all and have been successful as well. They are the only ones who will know it well how to navigate through these challenges well.

2.)    Command of the subject:

Know that the agent in the Canadian patent agency will only be as good as much as the information you provide them with. Hence it is suggested that you ask them to first read out to you some of the patent applications that they have already written. If you can understand what they are saying you can rely on them and hire them for your needs as well. If you do not, then, be sure of the fact that the registration officer or the judge, jury, or potential licensee will also not understand the same. You will then lose it all and hence it is suggested that you plan for it carefully so that the document is written clearly and concisely and claims the same.

3.)    Litigation experience:

Litigation of the intellectual property is highly possible. Thus it is imperative that the Canadian patent agents you choose know it all. They should know how important it is on their part to not just write your claims but also have an experience with litigation. They should also know how to defend the intellectual property ownership. If there is any instance where you may have to defend your claims then they should take over all of it and know how to do it all.

4.)    Common sense:

The Canadian patent agents you hire should also be capable of grasping the bigger picture. They should be able to tell you how the particular patent will benefit your company. The Canada patent agent should pay personal attention and use their common sense to avoid litigation and other problems which might occur during registration of patents.

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